Bass Culture: Reggae and beyond. Tune into deep, dubwise vibes from all over the map. Classic roots reggae, super bad soul and funk, crucial Afrobeat, dub from outer space – the musical compass points in many directions. Mick Sleeper has a big record collection, and he wants to share it with you.

Upcoming Specials

February 4: Conversation Selection

Over the years Mick Sleeper has been in the right place at the right time and made connections with reggae artists for crucial interviews. Hear conversations with Alton Ellis, Willi Williams, Steve Barrow, Roger Steffens, Pauline Black, and more.

March 4: New Orleans Groove

For many decades, New Orleans was – and still is – a powerhouse of rhythm and blues, soul, and funk. NOLA has shaped a lot of modern music with its distinctive sound. We'll check out a spicy selection of New Orleans grooves.

Bass Culture on YouTube

Check out the Bass Culture YouTube channel for a top ranking selection of reggae singles from Mick Sleeper's collection. Lots of killer records, including this cool Roman Stewart tune.